Creekview Grizzlies

Welcome! I hope you find some great photos of your athlete in these galleries. You may just want to view them, or you can buy them if you like. When my son started in sports, I found out that it is VERY expensive to buy professional photos. Some photographers want $4 or $5 just for a 4X6 print. It's also pretty darn expensive to buy the quality equipment needed to take good photos of our athletes in action! This site will make it much more affordable for you to get great action shots of your athletes. You can get a print for as little as $2 and an image you can reproduce as much as you want (for personal use) for as low as $2. It also is expensive for our teams to operate. School budgets are less and expenses are more these days. These things led me to build this site. Our athletic programs will receive 30% of all profits from the photos and merchandise that you buy here! The rest will pay for expenses and new equipment to take even better photos in the future. Please let me know if you have any special requests or if you have an issue with the site.

Enjoy and GO GRIZZLIES!!